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Ownership of Wellingborough land transferred to Greatwell Homes from the Borough Council of Wellingborough

Published Tuesday, 22 September 2020

The land within three major estates in the town of Wellingborough is now owned by local housing association Greatwell Homes.

This follows completion of a five-year project with the Borough Council of Wellingborough [BCW].Following the transfer of council land in August, Greatwell Homes are now responsible for all grassed areas and garage sites within the Hemmingwell, Kingsway and Queensway estates. The transfer has also included some commercial premises such as shops and a community centre within the estates and some potential development sites such as the former sports field in Nest Lane. The land surrounding the estates, however, are still owned by the Borough Council of Wellingborough. Ever since its establishment in 2007, Greatwell Homes (then Wellingborough Homes) and BCW have been responsible for separate parts of the land within these estates, often causing confusion for residents within these communities. Local residents should now report any issues or enquiries regarding land within these estates to Greatwell Homes. Wellingborough Norse will continue to maintain the land previously owned by the Borough Council of Wellingborough up until April 2022 after which the land will be managed directly by Greatwell Homes.  Denise Lewis, Executive Director at Greatwell Homes, said: “This is a really exciting opportunity for us and we hope that this will clear up any confusion that our customers and other local residents have when it comes to ownership of land. Within the next couple of years, our plan is to ensure that we can adopt a single, consistent and good quality standard for grounds maintenance services and deliver on planned environmental improvements across these estates. “This also brings potential opportunities for us to build more new homes in the area to help tackle the housing crisis. I would like to thank the Borough Council of Wellingborough for their support and working in partnership on this project over the last five years”. Cllr Martin Griffiths, Leader of Wellingborough Council, said: “I am delighted that the rationalisation of land ownership in these communities has been completed.
 “Residents will no longer be confused about who is responsible for the repair, maintenance and cleansing of these areas and will have one point of contact, Greatwell Homes, for enquiries about these issues.
 “I am also pleased that Greatwell Homes is already planning environmental improvements that will bring real benefits to residents. The Borough Council of Wellingborough has already transferred development sites to Greatwell Homes under this agreement, on which new homes are being built. This deal is already providing a number of benefits for the residents of these communities.”